Logitech Legacy Camera’s May Work with Windows 10

Webcams are pretty cheap now but what if you have an older Logitech QuickCam that still works? Maybe you just can’t get yourself to throw it away and upgrade because you’re a tech hoarder, frugal/cheap or you’ve moved on to Windows 10?

If you’re using Windows Vista/7/ 8.x and you just need to find the driver again to reinstall you could use DriverUpdate software, Google or Bing search or you could risk malware infections and PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs) from being installed on your machine trying to download old drivers from download sites that add unwanted programs in their install. Some legacy drivers will not work with Windows 10. But here’s the official list of webcams purported to work with Windows 10 directly from Logitech . Chart of Logitech’s official support under Windows 10 for older product versions.  They also have an FTP site for legacy products.

Out of curiosity, I called up my old Logitech Orbit AF from retirement

quickcamafto see if the new Windows 10 Driver lws280.exe would work. It installed but advises incompatibility issues. Knowing the consequences of drivers causing instability and crashes, I backed up my settings and was able to install the Windows 10 software for my legacy Orbit AF.  It worked! I did have to sacrifice my horizontal/vertical controls which don’t seem to be supported. But it works perfectly with Skype and I can also use it as a doggie cam in a pinch.


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