Clear the Documents folder at each bootup

A long time ago we showed you how to Empty the Documents Folder on the Start button. How would you like to automate this task to occur every time you boot your machine? There’s nothing to it, simply add in this line in C:AUTOEXEC.BAT:

Echo Y|If Exist C:WindowsRecent*.* Del :WindowsRecent*.* >Nul

If you don’t have or use AUTOEXEC.BAT then simply create one. Make VERY sure the PATH matches your RECENT folder location and adjust if necessary. Now, every time you restart your machine, the RECENT folder will automatically be purged.

Another, perhaps, EASIER way to accomplish this is to use Microsoft’s Add-on utility, TweakUI. It comes as part of Microsoft’s Powertoys. Among other things, it will automate the process of clearing items from the Documents history list. CLICK HERE to download TweakUI now. CAUTION: If you don’t understand exactly what you’re doing here, please don’t try this tip, you may wind up deleting your Windows folder – don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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