Plus! screen saver properties

If you’ve installed Plus! for Windows 95, specifically the Themes option, you now have much more control over those screen savers. Open Control Panel, select Display (or right-click the desktop and click Properties), then click the Screen Saver tab. Now select any one of the Plus! screen savers and click the Settings button.

The Plus! screen savers let you set “hot corners”, which allow you to activate the screen savers immediately or not at all. Just use the monitor map shown and click on the corner you want to use, to activate Now or Never. From now on all you have to do is move your cursor to that extreme corner of you display to activate it. You can also specify the mouse sensitivity, the wait time and even whether or not you have sound turned on.

The mouse sensitivity setting lets you choose between High, Normal, Low and Ignore mouse movement. Setting it to Low will prevent the screen saver from coming out of its “sleep” if you accidentally bump your desk, while High while awaken it at the slightest movement. You can remove the mouse altogether by choosing Ignore mouse movement – this means you’ll have to hit a key on your keyboard to exit the screen saver.

The Wait time gives you a preset time delay before requiring a password (if you specified one), so that you don’t have to go through the annoyance of having to enter it each and every time the screen saver activates. You can specify either seconds or minutes. All this really does is it gives you a time frame where no password is necessary.

To mute the screen saver, simply place a check mark in the Mute Sound checkbox.

On some of the Plus! screen savers, you may see an additional Options tab at the top of this Screen Saver Properties for even more control over how the screen saver displays.


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