LView Pro

LView Pro 2.1 is a full featured 32-bit Image Processor program, that handles the image formats found on Microsoft Windows® environments and Internet Web pages. LView Pro 2.1 requires a 386 or better IBM PC compatible, Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0.

You can use LView Pro to view, edit, create, and catalog images for all your professional needs, and for leisure. LView Pro features image animation, transparency, interlacing, painting, etc. All you need to create functional, precise, and perfect looking images, with minimal effort.

LView Pro is intuitive and easy to use. The Full Version LView Pro CD includes +800 high resolution images from the Greater Miami Area. Also included on the CD is a previous version of LView Pro (1.D2, together with Win32s extensions), which runs under Windows 3.1.

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